The CareOne Promise

At CareOne, customer satisfaction is not just our goal, it's our promise. As a leading consumer advocate, we are committed to providing honest, realistic, and effective debt relief solutions that provide real, useful benefits for each and every customer.

  • We promise to work together as partners with each of our customers to help them become debt-free.
  • We promise to deliver realistic debt relief solutions that can make financial freedom a reality.
  • We promise to listen to our customers, use their valuable feedback to continuously improve our services, and provide opportunities for them to help others by sharing their experiences.
  • We promise to consistently provide the best possible customer experience and the highest quality service.
  • We promise to communicate detailed information regarding our debt relief plans to make sure our customers know what to expect every step of the way.
  • We promise to protect our customers by serving as their advocate and aligning our interests with their success.

To prove our commitment and to assure effective debt relief, CareOne also promises a simple 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Within the first 6 months of joining a debt relief plan, if any customer is not completely satisfied with the service, support, or benefits they're receiving, they may cancel their debt relief plan to receive a full refund of service fees already paid to date. No questions asked.

Arm Yourself with the Tools You Need

To Achieve Financial Freedom

Providers of CareOne Debt Relief Services have helped more than 5 million people with their debt, offering people not only affordable options, but hope. Because our founder, Bernie Dancel, was once in debt himself, he understands what it's like. He created the CareOne brand of debt relief services to offer people realistic solutions for getting out of debt. Not only has Bernie Dancel been in your shoes, but so have many of our Certified CareOne Credit Counselors and team members. As a result, CareOne credit counselors are dedicated to assisting you find the debt relief option that is right for your personal situation.

At CareOne, debt help comes in the form of innovative, personalized solutions and financial tools that can help you find your way to a debt-free life. Providers of CareOne Debt Relief Services offer multiple debt relief plans such as Debt Management Plans (DMP) and Debt Settlement Plans (DSP). A DMP allows you to consolidate your unsecured debts into a single monthly payment. When you initially enroll, CareOne credit counselors will review your balances and expenses, and calculate a monthly payment that works within your budget. CareOne negotiates with your creditors for better repayment terms, such as lower interest rates and waived late fees. The lower fixed monthly payment, coupled with benefits that most creditors extend while you are enrolled in the DMP, allows you to pay off your debts in about five years.

A DSP may be a viable debt relief option for people who cannot afford the monthly payment of a DMP but are looking for an alternative to bankruptcy. With a DSP, CareOne credit counselors negotiate lower settlement amounts with your creditors, with the goal of allowing our customers to repay only a percentage of your total unsecured debt. You make monthly plan payments, which are held in an escrow account to build in value until your creditors agree to accept our settlement offers. To understand all of your options for becoming debt-free, you can refer to the CareOne resource guides.

At CareOne, debt help is our focus. In addition to gaining financial freedom, some of the benefits of enrolling in a CareOne debt relief plan include access to valuable online resources to provide you with the financial fitness education and smart budgeting skills that are so important to your success. Our Certified CareOne Credit Counselors are available to answer your questions, or you can utilize our online tools such as comprehensive resource guides, an article library, forums, blogs, as well as the CareOne Community, where you can connect with real people going through real-life situations just like you.

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    We offer a simple 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    We're so confident that we can help you achieve your goal of becoming debt-free in a reasonable time, that we back it up with a 6-month 100% money back guarantee on the services, support, and benefits you receive.

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